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Export and Trade

Trade Missions

The Alabama Department of Commerce’s Office of International Trade works closely with its allies to help Alabama’s small and medium-sized companies advance their goals of increasing exports of their goods and services to international markets. Helping Alabama companies expand their international sales serves to create jobs and economic prosperity here at home. Trade missions and other trade events focus on Alabama’s top trading partners and on promising markets around the globe.

Trade Mission to Germany and Denmark (April 23-29, 2017)

This biotech-focused trade and business development mission features stops in Berlin, Germany, and Copenhagen, Denmark. Germany is a top international location for the research and production of pharmaceuticals, thanks to world-class scientists, outstanding research organizations, and Europe’s leading pharmaceutical market. Germany’s robust medical biotechnology industry trails only the U.S., and it is an international center for clinical studies. Meanwhile, Denmark’s biotech cluster is a major world player, particularly in areas including cancer research, diabetes care, central nervous system research, and enzymes. Denmark is a world leader in drug development and medical devices.

For additional information, contact Hilda Lockhart at the Alabama Department of Commerce, or 334-242-0442.

Business Development and Trade Mission to Canada (May 31-June 7, 2017)

The 10th annual Southeast U.S.-Canadian Provinces Alliance conference will be a key component of a state trade and business development mission to Toronto and Montreal, Canada. Trade partnerships will provide the platform for the business-to-business program bringing together industry leaders from throughout the Southeast and Canadian provinces. Targeted industry sectors at the conference in Toronto include automotive, clean technology, and information and communications technology. Before Toronto, the Alabama team will make a stop in Montreal, Quebec, with business matchmaking appointments.

For additional information, contact Hilda Lockhart at the Alabama Department of Commerce, or 334-242-0442.

Business Development Mission to Australia and New Zealand (Sept. 9-16, 2017)

With strong economies, vibrant markets and close ties to Asia, Australia and New Zealand present unique opportunities for Alabama companies. Australia boasts sophisticated consumer and industrial sectors, as well as a straightforward, English-speaking business culture. The Australia-U.S. Free Trade Agreement eliminated almost all tariffs on U.S. manufactured and agricultural goods. New Zealand’s business practices are similar to those in the U.S., and its business consistently rank highly for honesty and integrity. The country’s market size makes it ideal for companies new to exporting.

If you are interested in participating in the business development mission, please contact Beau Lore at the Alabama Department of Commerce, or 334-242-0450.

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