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Why Alabama?

Logistics & Infrastructure

There’s a lot that goes into being Made In Alabama—and even more that comes out of it. Supplies, materials, personnel, and products make their way to and from Alabama every day by land, sea, and air, while connecting our industries seamlessly to the rest of the nation and the globe.

Alabama’s prime location in the South and on the Gulf Coast grants it nearly unlimited access to the national and international markets. At the center of the fastest growing region within the U.S., Alabama sits within a one day drive to all of the South and its nearly 150 million residents.

Availability at this scale has paved the way to some pretty astounding international trade achievements. Alabama is the home to over 425 foreign-based companies from more than 30 nations and exported goods to 191 countries in 2018 — racking up nearly $21.4 billon in exports despite an unsteady global market.


With five major cargo airports and more than 90 public airports, supporting six commercial airlines and seven commuter airlines, Alabama has exactly the aviation infrastructure and support you need to help your business take off.


Thanks to our prime position on the Gulf of Mexico and strategic location in the middle of the Gulf Coast, Alabama boasts over 4,000 acres of port—including the Port of Mobile: an intermodal facility that is one of the largest ports in the U.S. Following a $300 million expansion, it will become even busier.


With over 3,000 miles of rail served by 25 railroad companies, Alabama delivers convenient, consistent transport access to surrounding markets for every company that finds a home here.


In the Southeastern U.S., all roads lead to Alabama. With more than 74,000 miles of public roadways, including six major interstate highways, our state is ideally located and structured for any company’s logistic needs.

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Alabama may be small in size, but its ability to accommodate businesses seeking success is vast. See why companies like Mercedes, Airbus, Hyundai, and Honda have decided to call Alabama home.

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