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Farnborough Air Show

Made in Alabama to provide full coverage of Farnborough Air Show

A team of top Alabama officials, economic developers and local leaders is heading to the Farnborough Air Show in a concerted effort to expand the state’s aerospace industry and win new jobs.

During the show, which begins Monday, July 14, follow all the details through real-time reports of announcements and news on the Made in Alabama website. Shareable content on the site will include relevant photos, videos and stories. The site also will feature articles on recent developments in the aerospace/aviation sector at home that are making Alabama even more of a force in the global aerospace industry.

Receive up-to-the-minute information from the Farnborough Air Show by following @MadeinAL on Twitter and using the hashtag #AirBama.

To ensure you don’t miss any news, sign up for a daily email that contains links to Farnborough Air Show articles on Made in Alabama’s site. The daily email roundup will begin Monday. Signing up on the site only takes a few moments.

Made in Alabama is the best location for on-the-scene, multi-platform coverage of Team Alabama at the Farnborough Air Show. Be sure to ride along.

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Farnborough Air Show

Team Alabama takes aim at aerospace growth at Farnborough Air Show

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