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Sisters among first Mercedes Mechatronics graduating class

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama — Sisters Stacey and Stephanie Dougherty are among the first Industrial Mechatronics graduating class at Mercedes-Benz U.S. International Inc. (MBUSI), the automaker’s Alabama operation. They join their father, Scott Dougherty, a Logistics Group Leader with 17 years at the Alabama plant, as members of the MBUSI family.

Now Stephanie, 29, is about to start her own family, thanks to the Mercedes Mechatronics program. She met her fiancé, Andrew Carlisle, through the innovative training program, and the two are scheduled to marry April 11, 2015. “It changed everything for me,” Stephanie said of the Mechatronics program. “I went from not having anything to getting a good job and starting a life with somebody.”

Graduating from the Mechatronics program has been life altering for the others students as well. The program’s 20 graduates were recognized during a recent ceremony at MBUSI’s Bill Taylor Institute. Along with their associate’s degree and a short certificate, they received full-time employment with MBUSI, which is expanding and adding new models to its production line-up.

Team member Keith Redick said guaranteed employment was a strong incentive to enroll in the program. “My goal was never just to pass the class to get into the program,” he said. “My goal was to do the best I possibly could and try to achieve the top percentage to get into Maintenance.” Redick is now an apprentice in the plant’s Maintenance area.


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