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Curse Inc. CEO: Why our tech firm moved its headquarters to Alabama

By Hubert Thieblot, CEO of online game portal Curse Inc.

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — Things at Curse Inc. have never been better. As an organization, we have several rapidly growing products, we have just obtained the funding needed to take our company to the next level and we have created a technical infrastructure that will scale with our growth for some time. However, success comes at a price.

As we have grown, the biggest challenge we face is to grow our team to keep up with our company. And while that is a great problem to have, it’s still a pretty big problem. As a result, we looked at the environment surrounding talent and decided we couldn’t just “slug it out” with the very large and very well-funded companies that exist in San Francisco, where our headquarters used to be.

Instead, Curse decided to make its own path. We made the decision to break away from the stereotype of the Silicon Valley and look for a home that made more sense to us. We looked at over 10 different cities in the US, including Huntsville, Alabama. The factors that were most important to us were the following;

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