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Paris Air Show

Five trends lifting Alabama’s aerospace industry into new era

Alabama’s aerospace industry has already flown to the moon with the Saturn V rocket. Now, it’s ready for a new set of missions that will keep this critical sector of Alabama’s economy soaring in revolutionary ways.

With aviation and aerospace officials from around the globe gathering at next week’s Paris Air Show, it’s time to take an in-depth look at how Alabama’s role in this key sector continues to expand in an era of rapid technological advancement. A milestone, of course, is the beginning of aircraft assembly at Airbus’ new $600 million manufacturing center in Mobile.

But Airbus’ production launch this summer is just one of the significant developments under way in Alabama aerospace these days.

Check out these five trends lifting Alabama’s aerospace industry and building on a heritage in flight dates that back to when the Wright Brothers established their first civilian flight school in Montgomery more than a century ago.

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Paris Air Show

In Kaiser hangar complex, Birmingham sees aerospace potential

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