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UAH lab joins supercomputing effort to find drugs against COVID-19

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama – A researcher at The University of Alabama in Huntsville is joining an effort involving the world’s fastest supercomputer to screen compounds that could be effective against the pandemic COVID-19 virus.

Dr. Jerome Baudry, a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at UAH, said his lab is involved in a project that is using the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Summit supercomputer to examine the compounds.

According to an UAH announcement, compounds under review include drugs already available with safe profiles, as well as natural products. Compounds identified as possible future drugs will also be studied.

“We are at this point focusing on repurposing existing drugs,” he says. “That is, to take existing drugs from the shelf and find which ones are active against either the virus itself or can help in treating or mitigating the effects of infection in the severe cases.”

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