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Auburn teams to assemble 100 RE-InVENT emergency ventilators

AUBURN, Alabama – Auburn University says more than 100 of its innovative emergency ventilators – converted from CPAP machines – have been assembled and may soon join the fight against COVID-19.

Auburn’s Samuel Ginn College of Engineering said today that it has teamed with defense contractor Integrated Solutions for Systems (IS4S) and the University of Alabama in Huntsville to begin assembling the RE-InVENT devices.

Auburn said several medical facilities around the world, preparing for worst-case coronavirus patient load scenarios, have reached out to the RE-InVENT team for possible assistance.

In response, a team of 14 engineers and support staff from Huntsville-based IS4S assembled 100 RE-InVENT units in just three days late last week.

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Hyundai to provide COVID-19 testing resources in Montgomery region

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