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Montgomery TechLab showcases first class of startups on Demo Day

MONTGOMERY, Alabama Montgomery TechLab hosted Demo Day for its inaugural cohort of 10 tech startups on Thursday, allowing potential investors, stakeholders, and technology professionals from around the state to see the businesses and solutions that have been developed over the past 12 weeks at the program.

Montgomery TechLab provides startups value access to leaders across government, industry and education to accelerate growth and economic development across the Montgomery region.

These opportunities Include connecting startups with local talent and building relationships with potential customers in the federal, state, and local government and commercial sectors aiming to better position themselves to compete in the digital economy.

“The accelerator program highlighted the incredible potential for tech startups to engage with local partners. It is clear that Montgomery has the resources and the vision to build a strong tech ecosystem that will drive growth in the region,” said Marcus Shaw, Montgomery TechLab Founder.

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