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Study: Boeing’s Alabama economic impact reaches $2.7 billion

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — Boeing contributes more than $2.7 billion each year to Alabama’s economy, along with 9,402 jobs in its sprawling operations and support network, according to a new study issued this week.

The global space and defense manufacturer, which is marking its 60th year in the state, conducts a wide range of business activities in the Huntsville region, from protecting the U.S. and its allies with innovative weapons systems to charting new chapters of human space exploration.

Boeing’s journey in Alabama began with the development of the Saturn V rocket, the launch vehicle that put the legendary Apollo missions on the moon. Today, the company plays a key role in developing NASA’s powerful Space Launch System rocket, which will return astronauts to the moon and lay the groundwork for future trips beyond Earth’s orbit.

With more than 3,000 employees in Alabama, Boeing’s operations span a variety of research, design and manufacturing activities.

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