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Farnborough Air Show

Alabama aerospace industry blasts off with dynamic developments

Spaceplane landings. New generation launch systems. A “digital first” factory to advance hypersonic technologies. Rocket engines roaring to life. Research accelerating 3-D printed parts in commercial aircraft.

In case you missed a headline or two, these dynamic developments are taking shape right now in Alabama’s aerospace industry. And that’s only part of the picture as aerospace, aviation and defense companies continue to expand their activities in the state.

“Alabama has long been major player in designing and manufacturing the most innovative, complex solutions to conquer skies and space, and we are continuing to influence the direction of the global industry today,” said Greg Canfield, Secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce.

“Companies around the world know our workforce has proven itself, time and time again, and that’s why they keep turning to Alabama to help solve the industry’s biggest challenges through groundbreaking work,” he added.

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Farnborough Air Show

Alabama team seeks aerospace growth opportunities at Farnborough Airshow

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