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New Business Workshop

The Alabama Department of Revenue frequently hosts NEW BUSINESS WORKSHOPS ACROSS THE STATE. Participants will receive a brief, but comprehensive overview of Alabama taxes that will enable the business to begin operating with a clearer understanding of its tax obligations.

Two classes are scheduled for your convenience in the larger cities. There will be one class scheduled in the smaller cities. Each workshop is approximately one hour long. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled workshops.

For workshop information, call (334) 242-2677.

Hours: 5:30 PM
Speaker’s Name: To be announced
Dress: No Dress Code

Venue Location:

Pike County Economic Development Corporation Building, 100 Industrial Blvd, on Hwy 231( 1/2 mile South of Walmart ), Troy, AL, 36081

Pike County Economic Development Corporation Building
100 Industrial Blvd — 6th Floor Troy, AL 36801
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