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Doing Business in Canada Webinar: Handling Duties & Taxes – NAFTA, HST, Income Tax & Payroll Considerations

U.S. Commercial Service Webinar Series: Doing Business in Canada

Handling Duties & Taxes – NAFTA, HST, Income Tax & Payroll Considerations

Canada is the largest single export market for the U.S. and is a highly receptive market for U.S. goods and services.  The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Canada’s geographic proximity have afforded U.S. firms with a significant advantage in selling to Canada’s markets.  Are you maximizing your opportunity?  Whether you currently export to Canada or are new to exporting, the importance of developing a strategic approach to this market is critical to your success.  This five-part webinar series has been designed to help businesses strengthen the skills necessary to effectively do business in Canada.

This webinar will provide U.S. exporters with background on NAFTA and identifying duties and taxes that may be applicable on sales.  For product-focused companies, understanding the “hidden” costs of doing business cross border can be a daunting task for the U.S. shipper and a surprising cost for the importer.  Understanding what these costs are and being able to provide a transparent sale to your Canadian customer can be the key to successfully doing business in Canada.  For service providers doing business in Canada, understanding the various tax withholding and compliance requirements as well as waiver eligibility will ensure that you avoid penalties and minimize the potential cash flow impact.  Topics covered include: identifying applicable duties, the Non-Resident Importer Program, provincial and federal taxes and registering with Revenue Canada.

Click HERE to register.  For more information, contact Tracey Ford (Commercial Specialist with the U.S. Commercial Service) at 613.688.5406 or by email at

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