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Free Webinar – Uruguay: Gateway to the Southern Cone

Uruguay’s geographical location offers significant benefits for U.S. firms looking for business opportunities in the MERCOSUR region.  Within the framework of the National Export Initiative (NEI), Uruguay can play an important role in assisting and facilitating U.S. exports to the much larger surrounding markets of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia.  Uruguay’s long-standing and well-structured legal and regulatory environment have helped it convert itself into a prime location from which numerous multinationals base their regional distribution operations.  These multinationals have discovered the benefits provided by a combination of favorable laws and regulations with services made available by local logistics firms.  Predictability, flexibility, state-of-the-art technology, faster response times with just-in-time deliveries, customizable merchandise and lower administrative costs by centralizing operations and avoiding duplication in various countries, make Uruguay a promising regional distribution center.

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