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Cyber Security

Malware entering the control systems of an airplane. A cyber attack that disrupts power service on the electrical grid. Data locked in the solid state memory of a criminal’s cell phone. Personal information stored by banks, corporations, and websites – all vulnerable to identity theft.

Cyber security researchers at universities across Alabama are developing solutions to complex technological security problems. With a modern manufacturing base in the state that includes the aviation, automotive, defense, finance, healthcare, intelligence, and power industries, partnership possibilities abound for work in critical infrastructure protection, cloud security, forensics, big data, mobile device security, informatics, virtualization, and robotics.

Quick Facts

  • 73% job growth from 2007-2013, over twice the growth rate for all other IT jobs combined
  • 7 PhD-granting universities in Alabama
  • 1 billion emails and over 800,000 confirmed phishing websites catalogued by UAB’s Center for Information Assurance and Joint Forensics Research
  • 2nd largest research park in the US located in Huntsville, with over 400 companies
  • 7 government agencies within the state involved in ongoing cyber security research
  • 10 cyber security startups in the state
  • 25 community colleges in the state offering IT programs, with 15 covering cyber security topics

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