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3 Steps To Incorporate Big Data Into Your Small Business

Small businesses are often late adopters when it comes to implementing the latest trends in technology. One such trend is the concept of Big Data, which is being used to better predict customer behavior and is allowing businesses to tailor their offerings to squeeze more revenue from customer insights.

There is no perfect definition of Big Data, but here’s an attempt at the simplest explanation: Big Data is any data that can’t easily be structured and queried using standard relational database techniques.

Previously, Big Data was left to the realm of really large businesses. This was due to the challenges facing small businesses like the lack of resources to be able to collect and store Big Data let alone the ability to effectively analyze it in such a fashion that can can help them be more successful. Thankfully, small businesses no longer need to be left out of the Big Data world.

Here are three steps you can take to incorporate Big Data into your small business or startup:


Small Business

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