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BioAlabama: Entrepreneurship and innovation that creates jobs

BioAlabama is a life science trade organization. It is Alabama’s affiliate of the Biotechnology Industry Organization or BIO. And all of that probably still tells you very little about what BioAlabama is.

Maybe what BioAlabama is was best explained by Gov. Robert J. Bentley who spoke to the organization at its annual meeting Wednesday at the Westin Hotel in downtown Birmingham.

“This biotech industry that you’re promoting, that I’ve tried to promote, we really now have the opportunity to showcase what we have been doing and grow this,” Bentley told the group.

And what is “this?”

“It’s entrepreneurship and innovation. …It helps create jobs from ideas. That’s what it really does in simple terms,” Bentley said explaining both what BioAlabama does and what he has tried to do with a program called Accelerate Alabama.” Bentley launched that effort several years ago to help recruit new high tech companies to the state and retain the ones already here. That effort has joined forces with BioAlabama to tap what Bentley told the group are the good ideas all across Alabama whether they come from universities, from businesses or from the work of everyday people.

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Small Business

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