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Gov. Bentley Talks Business, Teamwork While Visiting Dothan

Ever since Gov. Bentley took office he has made a point to stop by every county in the state and talk to local businesses. Bentley is no stranger to Houston County, but during Monday’s visit, he used one local businessl as an example of the great things that can be accomplished when businesses and government work together.

“Our business started as a small mom and pop family business in Florida. Our CEO and founder moved here and it made all the difference,” explains Lyle Peluso Jr., Chief Operating Officer of Panhandle Converter. “Developing a company and developing an idea in the state of Alabama its one of the best places to do it.”

Years ago, Panhandle Converter was only an idea, but with the help of local and state government, the company grew and brought many jobs to the Wiregrass.

“It took a lot of forethought and a lot of innovation and a lot of knowledge and that is how we build companies out of knowledge,” says Gov. Robert Bentley. “They’re a perfect example of that and it fits perfectly with our accelerate Alabama plan where we talk about recruiting industry retaining industry but also creating new company’s out of knowledge base and that is what they have done.”

On Monday, Gov. Bentley and Lt. Gov. Ivey stopped by the Dothan business as part of the Economic Recovery Tour, but the state of the art facility wasn’t the only thing that impressed the Governor.

“It was an honor that he used us as an example, it was a total compliment and its humbling when the governor can come down and say that about your company. It’s something we strive to do every day,” says Peluso.

Following the tour, Bentley met with other businesses at the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce to talk business and find out how he can help them grow, just like Panhandle Converter.

“We’re a pro business state and we want businesses to exist and expand and so it’s very important that we help,” said Bentley.

While the topic of growing businesses and jobs in Alabama was the main topic of Bentley visit – it wasn’t the only noteworthy event. While at the Chamber of Commerce, Bentley held a ceremonial signing of Rep. Paul Lee’s adoption bill.

The new bill will grant a onetime $1,000 tax credit to Alabama residents who adopt a foster child or a child through a private agency. Both parents must have in state residency to qualify.

May 13, 2014

By: Allison Mechanic


Small Business

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