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Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Iron Tribe Demands Commitment From Customers

Most fitness clubs are content to sign someone up and let them come in and use the equipment as long as a bank draft is in place.

But that’s not the way that a new fitness business in the Capital City operates, even if it means turning down some aspiring members.

Iron Tribe manager Michael Hartman has actually told some club hopefuls that they are not a good fit for the business, which is located next to the Rave in east Montgomery. He believes that maintaining a high degree of dedication among members is part of the innovative nature of Iron Tribe that sets it apart in a crowded fitness field.

“On occasion, we tell people not to join because they just want to drop 10 pounds before beach season,” the former cross-country runner said. “We are looking for people who want to make life and health transformations.”

Iron Tribe got its start in Birmingham, where there are six locations, and the young company is bringing a new energy to the industry. Franchises like the one at 7927 Vaughn Road are following the Iron Tribe way.

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Small Business

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