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Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Women Use ‘Rad’ Idea for Natural Success

Two Montgomery women are using beeswax, organic coconut oil and other natural ingredients to create a new brand of bath products dubbed Naturally Rad. And beer soap is in the works.

The word Rad is a result of combining the first letters in the first names of entrepreneurs Rachel Dickinson and Dalton Doyle. Naturally highlights the commitment of the two friends to not use chemicals and preservatives. The result is old hippie and hey joe coffee soap, hello mint lotion, and lime in the coconut bath scrub, among a host of other cleverly-named bath items.

The enterprise was born when Doyle’s daughter Coco developed a dry skin condition more than a year ago. Regular store-bought soap and shampoo made the problem worse, prompting a concerned mom to seek a natural solution. Research on the Internet led the innovative co-workers to buy beeswax, oils and other natural elements in a bid to make homemade soap.

Through hours of mixing trials and errors, and honest evaluations from friends and relatives, the state Senate employees have developed a group of bath products sold online and through retailers in the River Region. And to be used by Coco, whose skin condition has improved.

“Our co-workers said whether it was good or not, and we appreciated their honesty,” Doyle said. “We also have received feedback from people who have purchased some products.”

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