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Auburn Business Incubator

The Auburn Business Incubator (ABI) is developing into a full-service, mixed-use business incubator with the overall mission of assisting start-up and early stage companies in being successful by linking them to a network of services from university and community sources.

The incubator will assist in providing the infrastructure for small businesses to develop, sustain, and begin to prosper within an agreed upon time frame with the goal of having them graduate with a sound financial foundation. The overall impact of the incubator is expected to be small business formation and job creation, establishment of an entrepreneurial environment, contribute to the diversification of the economy.

Alabama Business Incubation Network (ABIN)

Devron A. Veasley, Chairman

1020 Ninth Avenue S.W.
Bessemer, Alabama 35022

Tel: (205) 481-2101
Fax: (205) 481-2100

Bessemer Business Incubation System

The Bessemer Business Incubation System (BBIS) is a full service business development organization providing space and services to those businesses participating in the service, light industrial/manufacturing, wholesale/distribution and information technology industries. The BBIS also provides limited funding programs and has an on-site business consultant to serve all the resident businesses. Upon graduation, the BBIS along with the local industrial development board can either build a facility or move the graduate to one of eight (8) industrial parks in the Bessemer area. The graduate would also be given the option to purchase the facility with a lease to buy agreement.

Innovation Depot

Innovation Depot, a business incubation facility and program that focuses on the development of emerging biotechnology/life science, information technology and service businesses, operates in partnership with the University of Alabama at Birmingham. A public-private economic development effort, Innovation Depot is funded by the Birmingham regional business community, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham and other leading private foundations, UAB, the City of Birmingham and Jefferson County.

Decatur-Morgan County Entrepreneurial Center

The Decatur-Morgan County Entrepreneurial Center (E-Center) is built on the philosophy that the recruitment of new business into Morgan County is a vital component to economic prosperity and offers connectivity and rooted values to the economic profile of the county. The primary purpose of the E-Center is to encourage, enthuse and empower new and small businesses as tenants and non-tenants of the E-Center facility and to ensure successful start-up and continued growth. We are located in close proximity to the Tennessee River, Rail service and the Interstate system. We have a first-class Training Room available and our communications solutions enable quick adaptation to market changes and increase productivity through speed and innovation.

Fayette Center for Manufacturing and Innovation

David Thornell or Ron Davis

1015 Temple Avenue S.
Fayette, AL 35555

Tel: (205) 468-3213 or 1-800-399-7205


Shoals Entrepreneurial Center

The Shoals Entrepreneurial Center (SEC) is a private, non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide young businesses a sheltered environment for developing the management, financial, and technical skills necessary to become self-sustaining members of the business community.

The SEC is one of the few multi-faceted, architecturally designed, incubators in the nation. The Florence Center was established in 1992 and has since been the incubator for 85 business clients. Seventy-eight of these clients are still in business. SEC has graduated thirty-one incubator clients to the Shoals area business community. The SEC currently has three locations including a shared commercial kitchen facility. A fourth manufacturing/industrial incubator is scheduled to open in 2003.

Marengo County Business Development Center

Christopher Bontrager, Executive Director

Marengo County Economic Development Authority
2400 E Coats Avenue
Linden, AL 36748

Tel: (334) 295-4417
Cell: (334) 549-7977


Innovation PortAL

Innovation PortAL is an incubator and entrepreneurial hub accelerating startup growth in southwest Alabama and the central Gulf Coast through targeted programming, funding opportunities, networking and community events. Innovation Portal provides entrepreneurs access to expertise, resources, and funding, allowing them to rapidly scale their ventures to regional, national, and international markets.

Montgomery Chamber Work Together Business Studio and Co-Space

The Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce has created a new space for place makers, creatives, small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and the community to connect, innovate, create, train and empower. Called the Work Together Business Studio and Co-Space, located at 600 S. Court Street, the space offers co-working and meeting spaces, and it will also host dynamic programming and events beginning in 2020.

Ozark Technology Center for Development Industry

The Northeast Alabama Entrepreneurial System is a business incubation program for start-up service and light manufacturing businesses. The Northeast Alabama Entrepreneurial System supports business ideas from the early stage of company development until the graduation stage of growth.

Pike County Economic Development Center

The Pike County Center for Economic Development, is a small business incubator located on US 231 South in the Troy Industrial Park South. This facility serves as a business incubator for entrepreneurs, and start-up small businesses. The Center consists of office space, manufacturing pods, a technology pod, training rooms and a conference room. It also serves as the new home for the Pike County Economic Development Corporation (PCEDC).

Alabama Innovation & Mentoring of Entrepreneurs (Bama Technology Incubator)

The Alabama Innovation & Mentoring of Entrepreneurs (AIME) is in existence to enhance the culture of high technology research and development at The University of Alabama through innovation, mentoring and entrepreneurship. AIME’s Mission is to identify and facilitate value added innovation and foster entrepreneurship leading to commercialization of intellectual property.

The Bama Technology Incubator nurtures high-growth, high-tech businesses into profitable industry leaders. It promotes economic growth by:

  • boosting the number of tech companies developing in or moving to the region.
  • administering programs that help entrepreneurs operate these companies successfully; and
  • facilitating access to and commercialization of technologies developed in the region’s university, government and industrial labs.
The Edge

The Edge has been hailed as one of the most exciting and innovative entrepreneurial centers in the region. Developed to provide business owners and prospective entrepreneurs a physical location for information and services from a multitude of providers, The Edge is truly a “One Stop” Business Resource Center.

Our mission is to aid emerging businesses with the development of management, financial, and technical skills in a maturing environment so that they can thrive in the local business community.

The Edge is looking to provide a maturing environment for existing or potential businesses. The Edge’s working environment caters to individuals who already have existing businesses or individuals who only have business propositions and need assistance in getting a business up and running. The Edge will lead you in the right direction, considering any aspects pertaining to small business development.