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Alabama Office of Apprenticeship

Established in September 2019, the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship (AOA) is a new tool in the workforce development toolbox of our state. The mission of the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship (AOA) is to expand the use of registered apprenticeships (RAs) and Alabama industry recognized apprenticeship programs (AIRAPs) in order to provide high-quality career training which will enable workers and employers to prosper in pursuit of the continued economic development of our state. 

The AOA registers apprenticeship programs, offers technical assistance for the creation of programs, provides support for accessing state and federal assistance with programs, and conducts ongoing monitoring of program quality and compliance with state and federal law. 

The AOA seeks to provide efficient and responsive customer service experiences to all parties involved in apprenticeships to ensure that Alabama’s apprenticeship programs are moving at the speed of business.

Alabama enjoys the lowest levels of unemployment and the greatest levels of labor force participation in the history of our state. However, to meet the current and future demands of business and industry, more must be done to develop a workforce development system that offers a seamless educational journey for individuals to enter in-demand career pathways at every stage of life. Our youth need the kind of preparation best received through real-world experiences, and our adults need avenues to grow their skill sets while they are on the pathway to earning a family-sustaining wage.

Alabama’s employers are joining forces with education providers in an unprecedented effort to expand on-the-job training models. Apprenticeships offer an excellent opportunity for our citizens to maintain gainful employment while receiving the technical skills and work-based learning experiences needed to enter an in-demand occupation. Alabama is taking the lead in workforce development efforts. Our efforts are catching the attention of companies from around the globe and are providing more opportunities for Alabamians. By growing apprenticeship opportunities across industry sectors, the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship will help Alabama continue to lead the way.

To find out more about apprenticeships and the ways the AOA is working to expand them, visit or call 334-280-4414.

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