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Workforce & Training

Regional Workforce Councils

The Power of the Regional Workforce Council (RWC)

The Industry-Lead Regional Workforce Councils empower business and industry (B&I) to guide its own destiny. 

  • B&I are the leaders of the RWCs, and are the principal voice in the development of a regional strategic plan driving a comprehensive workforce system
  • RWCs convene all of the workforce/education resources and advocate for the delivery of solutions that meets B&Is needs
  • The RWCs activities also supports local economic and job development

How does that work?

RWCs are a Department of Commerce initiative that brings together local workforce partners for collaboration and action-based solutions. Partners include, but not limited to:

  • Business & Industry (B&I)
  • Pre K-12 
  • Alabama Community College System
  • Alabama University System
  • Alabama Department of Labor
    • Alabama Career Center System
    • Voc Rehab
    • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Economic Developers & Chambers of Commerce
    • Local municipal governments

By listening to B&I and providing a speedy response to:

  • Short-term training and job placement needs
  • Intermediate-term strategies for closing skills gaps, via new and incumbent worker training
  • Long-term strategies by advocating for relevant training programs that produces a technically proficient workforce

RWCs Start with the “Why”

  • By empowering B&I to lead the RWCs, they take ownership in their own futures
  • Because local B&I deserves high quality workforce training services 
  • The RWCs improves response time to the workforce needs of B&I 
  • Focusing on “Employability (Soft) Skills” training is a cornerstone of their efforts 
  • B&I has to have a pipeline of a well trained and skilled workforce
     to hire from
  • A skilled workforce improves the bottom line for businesses – through
    • Increases in production
    • Reduction in layoffs
    • Job creation through expansion 
  • Helping Alabama citizens earn a livable wage and increase their quality of life 
  • New jobs, through industry recruitment, results when we have a skilled workforce

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