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Training Programs

Adult Programs

The Alabama Workforce Invest Area’s (AWIA) goal for Adult services is to provide workforce investment activities that increase the employment, occupational attainment, and retention and earning of participants, which will improve the quality of the workforce, reduce welfare dependency, and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of Alabama’s economy. There is a priority for eligible low income and welfare recipients and for certain veterans or veteran spouses to receive specific services.

The program provides a range of self-service and staff assisted services for adults seeking employment. Under the Adult program, individuals are eligible for services such as comprehensive and specialized assessment of skills levels, aptitudes, abilities and needs; development of an Individual Employment Plan; individual career counseling; and out-of-area job search assistance. More intensive services are also available for eligible adults who experience more difficulty in obtaining jobs such as Individual Training Accounts, On-the–Job training, and job readiness training conducted with a commitment by an employer or a group of employers to employ an individual upon successful completion of training.

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