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Rapid Response Team

Rapid Response Team provides on-site assistance to workers when plants announce layoffs. When plants close or substantial layoffs are implemented, the Rapid Response Team swiftly reacts and meets on-site with employers and employees affected by job losses. At the employee group meetings, workers receive information about unemployment compensation, pension benefits, job training, employment services, health insurance, credit counseling and many other services.

The division serves as the State Dislocated Worker Unit for Alabama, and notices of plant closings and layoffs should be sent the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN.) The U.S. Department of Labor provides a guide to this act on their website.

The unit can help businesses manage multiple priorities during a layoff or closing situation. The sooner that workers start to manage the transition, the better the outcome for themselves and the employer.

Rapid Response helps affected employees return to work and maintain their standard of living and helps the business to demonstrate good corporate citizenship in the community.


The Department of Commerce’s Workforce Development Division has no administrative or enforcement authority under the Warn Act, and therefore does not provide legal advice or interpretations relative to specific provisions of the act as they may apply to a specific dislocation events (i.e. Plant/Facility Closing/Layoff). Questions relative to employer/employee relationships (including oral or written employment contracts or agreements), and/or interpretation of provisions of the WARN Act as they may apply to circumstances relating to specific layoff actions should be addressed by legal professionals.

The Alabama WARN list which identifies dislocation events (plants closures and layoffs) reported to ADECA under requirements of the WARN Act and those events where Rapid Response Team assistance has been activated may be accessed here.

Have you been laid off? Are you about to experience a layoff? Click the link below to download a PDF guide with information you may need:

Dislocated Worker Resource Information

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