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In Alabama, small business owners and budding entrepreneurs alike will find effective solutions for any company needs. Our Department of Commerce provides small businesses with the knowledge and resources to succeed, from financial assistance to regulatory issues.

Working alongside the Alabama Small Business Development Network, the group works to coordinate with the consortium’s 10 Small Business Development Centers at universities state-wide. The department also partners with ADECA’s Office of Minority Business Enterprise in addition to numerous groups throughout the state, all focused on the development of small businesses.

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What is Atlas Alabama?

Atlas Alabama was designed to help business owners identify typical permits, licenses, certifications, etc. for given activities undertaken by businesses. The site offers a fully functioning wizard that allows users to enter information about their business and get results based on the answers that are entered. Information about City, State, and Federal resources, as well as other useful resources for businesses and entrepreneurs are included throughout the site.

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Resource Providers

These organizations are equipped to provide the technical assistance financing and networking opportunities you need to nurture any small business. Consultation is a free service for all of these organizations. However, special training programs may have a fee associated with them.

Local Development Partners

Whether your business is large or small, Alabama has an extensive network of economic development organizations in place to help you find the information and resources you need to make your project successful. Working closely with their state partners, Alabama’s local economic development teams understand the complicated demands of the site selection and business development process. They offer years of experience to help make the process simpler.

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