Workforce Development

Alabama’s skilled workforce—and our steadfast commitment to developing it—has earned a reputation for being second to none. But don’t take our word for it. Ask companies like Mercedes-Benz and Airbus. Or talk to the countless companies who have benefited from our cooperative, on-site workforce training programs developed with state agencies like AIDT. Our people are trained, motivated and ready to get to work.

A person squatting in a giant pipe, welding the pipe together. Sparks are flying from the welder.

The Alabama Workforce Council is comprised of business executives from some of the most important industries and organizations in the state of Alabama. The AWC’s goal is to facilitate collaboration between government and industry to help Alabama develop a sustainable, top-notch workforce that is competitive on a global scale.

The Industry-Lead Regional Workforce Councils empower business and industry (B&I) to guide its own destiny by developing region-specific comprehensive workforce systems. B&I leaders dictate all of the necessary workforce and education resources to meet the unique economic needs of the varied landscape in each of the seven regions of the state.

The Workforce Development Division partners with specific organizations to provide services directly to workers. Our partner’s resources have proven beneficial for many across the state as they expand upon their career and educational needs.

Toll-Free Jobs Help Line: 1-877-US2-JOBS

Two students working in an automotive training center.

AIDT, Alabama’s workforce training agency, provides new and expanding companies in Alabama with workforce recruitment and training needed for success. It consistently ranks in the top 5 among all U.S. state workforce training programs, and was the first state workforce training organization to earn international certification for its quality management system.

Rapid Response Team provides on-site assistance to workers when plants announce layoffs. When plants close or substantial layoffs are implemented, the Rapid Response Team swiftly reacts and meets on-site with employers and employees affected by job losses