In Alabama, chemical companies are mixing up powerful results for the state’s economy and workforce—results that are changing the world. Chemicals are Alabama’s second largest export category, and thanks to the universities in Alabama offering degrees and research opportunities in chemical engineering, the qualified workforce to work in the chemical industry is growing.


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Huntsville: BASF catalyst manufacturing site

Scope of the industry

The Alabama Gulf Coast Chemical Corridor, known as MAST, is home to a cluster of companies, stretching 60 miles through the Mobile region. MAST is home to 25 chemical manufacturers that collectively employ approximately 4,000 people. Chemical operations there include chlor-alkali production, resins and synthetic rubbers, specialty chemicals, synthetic fibers and filaments, coatings and adhesives, and refinery operations.

Another cluster is located in Morgan County, which is home to producers including Daikin America and Ascend Performance Materials.

These facilities join nearly 200 other chemical companies scattered through the state to employ over 10,000 people in Alabama.

Thanks to the strong presence of the chemical industry in the state, a host of universities in Alabama offer degrees and research opportunities in chemical engineering.


Latest Chemicals News


HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions (ECMS) representatives joined local and state officials today to celebrate a pair of milestones for the company’s Huntsville facility — its 50th anniversary and the production of the 500 millionth catalyst at the site.

Why Alabama for Chemicals?

Why Alabama?

Alabama is a state of makers, builders, and doers. So, whatever you make or build, you can do it in Alabama. We’re a launching point for aerospace, aviation, and defense. A leader in automotive production. A home for startups, technology, and research breakthroughs. And drawing on our manufacturing roots, we’re helping to usher in the industrial evolution in America.

Alabama’s prime location in the South and on the Gulf Coast grants it nearly unlimited access to the national and international markets. Alabama sits within a one day drive to all of the South and its nearly 150M residents.

Alabama’s strong workforce is a major attraction for businesses worldwide, driven by our commitment to skill development. Industry leaders like Mercedes-Benz and Airbus have benefited from on-site training programs in partnership with state workforce agencies; and our state’s focus on education and industrial training through colleges further strengthens Alabama’s appeal to businesses.

Alabama’s business approach is very inviting, offering global companies incentives, tax benefits, a skilled workforce, and excellent real estate options. Low taxes, affordable utilities, and a reasonable cost of living boost profits, and the state ensure ideal site locations and attractive incentives for long-term success in Alabama.

Alabama’s Business Development Division actively seeks corporate investors, promotes global expansion for local companies, supports small businesses, and collaborates with various stakeholders for comprehensive investor support. The state also engages with communities to enhance competitiveness and contribute significantly to Alabama’s economic growth strategy, making the state attractive to investors, businesses, and job seekers.