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Tech startup CModel Data relocating HQ from San Francisco to Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Commerce Secretary Ellen McNair announced today that CModel Data Inc., whose proprietary software helps businesses operate more efficiently, is relocating its headquarters from San Francisco to Birmingham, where it plans to create 80 jobs as it grows its operations.

The technology startup developed its AI-powered CORA program to provide insights and recommendations to business decision-makers, allowing them to develop and implement successful growth strategies.

CModel says CORA functions as a decision-support engine that aggregates a company’s most critical business data and uses machine learning to analyze metrics, assumptions, and industry benchmarks to deliver curated recommendations with subject matter expertise.

“The innovators behind CModel Data have developed a software platform that enables business leaders to cut through the static to obtain the insights they need to grow their enterprises,” Commerce Secretary McNair said.

“The promising company is another great addition to Birmingham’s growing tech startup scene.”

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Teasha Cable is a co-founder of CModel, a tech company that is relocating its headquarters from San Francisco to Birmingham.

CModel was co-founded by Teasha Cable, Dr. Russ Muzzolini, and Jazmine Cable-Whitehurst in San Francisco. The company participated in the inaugural Amazon Web Services’ Impact Accelerator in 2022 and the Build in Tulsa Accelerator in 2023.

With an investment from an Alabama-focused venture fund and broad-based support for its growth project, CModel is relocating its headquarters from San Francisco to Birmingham’s Innovation Depot, one of the Southeast’s premier incubators for tech-focused startups.

“With the support of Alabama’s focused venture fund and the enthusiastic backing from Birmingham’s innovation ecosystem, we are excited to establish our headquarters at the esteemed Innovation Depot,” Cable said. “Relocating to Birmingham aligns with our vision of creating a significant impact and contributing to the thriving tech community here.

“We are eager to build on our commitment to growth, create new job opportunities and bolster economic development in the region,” she added.


The company selected Alabama’s Magic City over its California hometown and other cities, according to the Alabama Department of Commerce.

The Birmingham Business Alliance (BBA) calculates the economic impact of CModel’s growth plans in Alabama will approach $4.1 million over 20 years.

Joining Commerce and BBA to support the project is AIDT, Alabama’s primary workforce development agency, which is providing services to CModel.

Also supporting the project are the City of Birmingham; Jefferson County; Birmingham Bound, an initiative that supports growth in the city’s tech ecosystem; and the Alabama Futures Fund (AFF), a seed-stage venture capital fund focused on supporting and growing entrepreneurial activity and economic development in the state.

Redhawk Advisory Partner Matt Hottle, whose firm serves as AFF’s investment manager, said CModel represents a startup that can “move the needle” for its customers. AFF previously announced that it had placed an investment in the company.

“Augmented Intelligence platforms like CORA are, usually, financially unattainable for mid-market businesses,” Hottle said in a statement. “Combining the latest AI and machine learning technology with modeling simulations that will help businesses make better decisions, faster, is a game-changer.”


Officials in Jefferson County are optimistic about CModel’s growth potential in Birmingham’s expanding roster of tech startups.

“We are thrilled that CModel will make Birmingham its home,” Mayor Randall L. Woodfin said. “They join a growing list of companies in our city’s burgeoning tech hub where world-changing innovation is being born. Bringing 80 jobs is a big win for us.

“I am grateful that CModel sees the value in investing in Birmingham. We welcome them to their new home and look forward to seeing their vision for improving business efficiencies unfold,” he added.

With Birmingham seeing strong growth among its homegrown tech companies, Jefferson County Commissioner Mike Bolin said the region’s efforts to attract new tech-focused businesses and talent are delivering results.

“CModel Data Inc. will be a wonderful new addition to this community with their AI-enabled decision intelligence engine,” Bolin said. “The 80 new jobs that this company will bring to our area will provide excellent opportunity for a number of local families, and Jefferson County is excited to partner with CModel as they relocate to Jefferson County.”

BBA President and CEO Steve Ammons said the announcement of CModel’s move underscores the organization’s commitment to growing the tech scene in the Greater Birmingham Region.

“This innovative company will not only bring 80 new jobs but will also enhance our ecosystem with its cutting-edge technology,” Ammons said. “We are excited to welcome CModel to the Greater Birmingham Region and support their journey toward making a significant impact on business efficiencies and economic development.”

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