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Jefferson County Micro Business Accelerator launches as ‘game-changer’

The Central Alabama Redevelopment Alliance (CARA) announced the launch of the Jefferson County Micro Business Accelerator, an innovative initiative designed to propel small businesses towards growth and long-term success.

The program, made available through the collaboration of area chambers of commerce and economic development organizations, aims to revolutionize the trajectory of micro businesses across Jefferson County.

“Micro businesses are the backbone of Jefferson County’s economy,” said Jefferson County Commissioner Mike Bolin. “By accelerating their growth, we not only enhance their profitability but also stimulate the overall economic health of our region.

“This initiative is a testament to our commitment to fostering a thriving business environment where small enterprises can flourish,” he added.

Applications to the Jefferson County Micro Business Accelerator are now open through July 26 via CARA. Apply today by visiting CARANow.Org.

Eddie Postell, director of the Alabama Department of Commerce’s Office of Small Business Advocacy, said the accelerator program is poised to become a valuable asset for area entrepreneurs and business owners.

“A micro business accelerator is a game-changer for small businesses. It provides them with the necessary resources, expertise, and support to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship,” Postell said.

“Mentorship, networking opportunities, and connections to potential investors are essential to a small business. It also fosters a sense of community and collaboration, allowing them to learn and grow from one another,” he added.

CARA said the Jefferson County Micro Business Accelerator offers an array of benefits designed to support businesses:

  • Increase Revenue: Participants will receive personalized support and resources, including expert business coaching, strategic planning sessions, and cutting-edge marketing insights. These tools are tailored to help businesses broaden their customer base and supercharge their profits.
  • Fuel Job Creation: The program aims to foster both financial growth and sustainable job creation. Through comprehensive insights into effective hiring practices and workforce development strategies, businesses will be equipped to expand their teams, creating a ripple effect of economic opportunity within the community.
  • Seize Investment Opportunities: The Accelerator serves as a bridge to potential investors and funding sources. With expert guidance on showcasing businesses to attract investment, participants will be primed for substantial capital injections.

To be eligible for the Jefferson County Micro Business Accelerator, applicants must be active members of a local Chamber of Commerce, have been in business for at least 36 months and employ 10 or fewer individuals.

“Increasing job opportunities within micro businesses is crucial for the economic well-being of our families,” Jefferson County Commissioner Shelia Tyson said. “By providing sustainable wages and growth opportunities, we are ensuring that our community thrives.

“The Jefferson County Micro Business Accelerator is a vital step towards achieving this goal.”

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